We wanted to hand out medals at our end-of-year picnic, so we chose an Olympics theme for the last week or so of school. With the Summer Games happening in London this year, we thought it was a great time to get the twos (well, threes now) some background knowledge so that they could enjoy the games with their families this summer.

We’ve had a lot of sports books out from the library this year, and this was no exception. Petra filled up the book nook with titles on summer sports. I went online and found some nice clips from past Olympics and a video of this year’s torch-lighting ceremony in Athens.

Several of the little boys were fascinated with the freestyle wrestling and we had a lengthy if basic conversation about how this was stuff for watching, not doing. I explained that the Olympic athletes had special training to keep from getting hurt. Maybe I should have just skipped that sport altogether, but in my defense, those were some fascinated kids.

We did two craft projects relating to the Toddler-Made Olympic TorchesOlympics. I didn’t get a picture of the first one, but it was pretty basic. We took Styrofoam cups and dipped them in different colors of paint and made our own pictures of the Olympic Rings. I did this with one child at a time so that we could talk a little about the whole thing while we worked.

Petra came up with this amazing torch craft. Basically, it’s a Styrofoam cup with the bottom cut out and taped to a paper towel roll (masking tape). The kids wrapped the torch body in tinfoil and then glued in the tissue paper to be the flame.

When their parents came to pick them up, we sent them out of the door holding their torches while we sang the Olympic theme. “Dah DAH dah dah dah DAH dah.”


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