Helicopter Tag

I just wanted to share a cool activity some girls and I came up with as an exercise in compromise. One really wanted helicopter during free play and another wanted to tag, so we came up with something for both of them.

Basically, it starts like tag, but first person who gets tagged picks up a rope and spins for helicopter. When somebody misses the jump, the rope gets dropped, and everybody scatters because the person who missed the jump is it. Play continues in this pattern, although a child who is dizzy can ask a rec leader to take their turn spinning the rope for them.

It was a nice example of a compromise where things turn out better than anyone originally thought.

Helicopter, for the uninformed, is basically a group jump rope game. One child spins the rope, low to the ground. The other kids stand in place and try to jump over it. It can be played with a short jump rope, but if you have a bigger group, the best thing to use for jump rope is the kind of clothesline that feels like a computer cable, but has no wires inside. They’ll have it at your local giant hardware store for cheap.


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