Decorated Bandannas

We made these for Halloween, but you can do them whenever. This is a fairly low cost project, particularly if you buy the bandannas in packages of ten.

You will need:
100% cotton bandannas in white
Crayons (Don’t be cheap. Buy Crayolas.)
An iron.
White paper towels.

Have the kids draw whatever they want on their bandannas. Make sure they understand that this is a project for crayons only. Markers will not work. I have a couple of simple line-drawing books for inspiration and examples. They should color heavily for better results.

Once they’ve finished with the bandannas, your job is to take them home and iron the wax off and the colors in. Put some old rags or towels on your ironing board to protect it. Put one bandanna on the board at a time, cover them with a few paper towels, and iron them on a high setting, without moisture. Some wax and possibly pigment will come off on the bandanna.

Once you’ve ironed each bandanna like this, you are done. Give them back to the kids.

Bandannas can be washed in cold water, and hung to dry. The colors might fade a bit, but the kids can just fill them in again, and ask an adult to redo the ironing stage.

Basically, what I learned was that regular crayons will work on 100% cotton. You do not need to pay extra for special crayons!! You could use this to make decorative pillows or bulletin board covers, or quilt squares. What else can you think of?


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