Halloween Pumpkins

Photo by Lori Herrin.

If you are carving pumpkins tonight or tomorrow night with your child, you may appreciate this inspired little story.

Pumpkin carving is a big favorite of my mother, but she and I are both not very fond of the scooping part of the task (I find it makes my hands burn and itch just enough to be maddening). We early on enlisted the help of my tiny little sister to do this part for us.

At first my mom dropped her spare change on the top of the gunk whenever Katie wasn’t looking. Then, as Katie became more enthusiastic in her digging, she’d slip it in quickly in deeper spots. To this day, Katie hates anything to do with food preparation, but the guts came out of that pumpkin like nobody’s business.

At some point, she must have asked my mother where the money in the pumpkin came from. “Oh,” my clever mom replied, “the farmer must have dropped his change on the ground when the pumpkin was little and then it grew around it.”

This answer satisfied her for a pretty long time, even when she realized that none of the other kids at school had any idea what she was talking about, or had pumpkins that produced several weeks worth of allowance.

If asked today, Katie no more resents the deception than she did the other “fun” traditional deceptions practiced by adults on children. In fact, she seems to remember it a little more fondly than the others for being so original.

If your child is hesitant to help with the pumpkin, feel free to try it out!


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