Paper Bag Puppets

Part of the challenge of planning for AM club is that the kids all come in at different times. So any activity that I do has to be low-instruction, so that the kids can just sort of start when they get there. It also has to be high-enough interest for the older kids, and simple enough for the lower kids.

I stockpiled an assortment of materials for our first project together: Paper Bag Puppets. Only two of the students were not interested in the activity, so I feel like I did pretty well. Here’s what I stocked up on:

Construction Paper
Self-Adhesive Foam Stickers
Mixed confetti

The day before, I read them The Araboolies of Liberty Street, which has lots of colorful characters. I am not sure that it directly inspired anything, but it did give them a sense that they had some creative freedom to make their puppets look however they wanted. I didn’t have googly eyes, which I felt bad about until I saw how creatively the students used the foam shapes to make their eyes. One student came early because she knew it was craft day. One of the kindergartners spent a whole hour on her puppet. Even one or two of the boys was into it.

I have some really great photos of the kids with their projects. I’ll try to edit a few so to avoid faces, and share them.


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