Carrot People

My co-teacher is frequently the one who has awesome craft ideas for working with the twos. She’s got eight years experience working with them and often has a better idea of their capabilities than I do. So I was pretty excited to come up with a project she liked.

We do a new letter of the alphabet each week, so last week was C.

We gave each child a large popsickle stick and a sponge and some orange paint. We had them do both sides, and then put them away to dry. After the usual round of hand-washing (I would kill for a big low sink that two or three kids could use at once), we did something else. Later, we had them glue on a little green crape paper (you could use a lot of different things for this) for the carrot top and added a pair of comical sticker eyes. With one set of the twos, we tried using small pompoms for noses, but they didn’t stay on very well. In the future, we might use small self-adhesive foam dots for that.

The children really liked their carrot people. I also thought that if you wanted you could cut up some brown paper bags, and put small holes in them so they could pull the carrots out of the dirt.

The original suggestion for this project came from the Artstarts book.


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