Where Did All These Munchkins Come From?

My college education(s) did not exactly prepare me for the work I found this fall. My early childhood classes were before I started on the second bachelor’s degree, so I don’t have a lot of those resources still lying around. As for the recreation leader thing? Uh, a few of the things we did in my class on teaching adaptive physical education might apply.

I’m a good teacher, though. I love kids of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. I love challenges and the opportunities they present for growth. So when faced with two positions that had not really been in my employment plan, I refused to panic.

I picked up child development books at used bookstores. I got Dr. Jean’s Preschool Teacher Survival Guide. I dug a dusty old box of children’s books out of the back of the basement. I rummaged through the doors of my memory for the games we played at Girl Scout Camp. I found tag games on the internet, and started buying strange odds and ends at the grocery store, the craft store, and the drug store.

The first few weeks have gone pretty well, actually. All the people I work with have lots of experience with the kids and have been really helpful. And I’ve found some things the kids really enjoy.

What kids really enjoy, by the way, is dodgeball. They will play dodgeball until the whole group is black and blue and in tears, if you let them. This is the last time this blog will mention dodgeball.


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