This is a game I learned years ago at Girl Scout camp (I was not cool enough for band camp). I dug it out last spring to entertain some middle-school girls, who thought it was hilarious.

Players stand in a circle with their hands held palms up on either side of them. Depending on which way you want to clap, one hand should be over the hand of the player next to you and one hand should be underneath. So everybody is right-hand over and left-hand under, or the reverse. As you chant the song, players clap their top hand onto the top hand of the person next to them, to the beat.

Down by the banks of the hanky panky,
There’s a bullfrog yelling hanky panky,
You go fee fi fo fum,
Move to the rhythm of the bullfrog.

The clap moves around the circle and the player who’s hand is clapped on the word “frog” is out. Play continues with the clap started by the next player.

When there are only two players remaining, players use both hands, clapping down on their opponent, and then turning their hands over to be clapped in turn.

It is usually acceptable for the person who is about to be clapped on “frog” to pull their hand out of the way so it cannot be slapped. 

I think there are different versions of the chant. If you remember one, post it!


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